Gerard Way was suicidal and alcoholic. He decided that it wasn’t right for his lifestyle. It took him about 17 days to become clean and sober.

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“When we started this band all we ever wanted to do was write songs that meant something to us and play them live for as many people as we possibly could, and now in our old age all we want is exactly the same thing… and that’s why canceling shows kills us so much, playing for people is what we live for. Your off-time applause, your beautiful dirty faces, your raw energy, and your wretched little voices singing our lyrics back to us fuel our fire, you make us feel alive, and we love every single one of you for that.” —Frank Iero.

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I’m glad he said something.


frank still has leathermouth and now, death spells

gerard still does comics

mikey’s fucked

ray will end up being the next slash and make a sweet rock band for himself

"My chemical romance broke up, get over it, they were just a stupid band"

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“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” - Gerard Way 

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listening to mcr songs and singing like there’s no tomorrow


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